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Save on medical services or procedures

Whether it’s for heart health or overall health, you and your eligible dependents could get up to $500 deposited into a TexFlexSM flexible spending account when you choose lower-cost, quality care for certain medical services and procedures.

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Get a snapshot of your health in 15 minutes

The Well onTarget® Health Assessment is a quick way to get an overall assessment of your current health to identify what you are doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. By completing it, you’ll get a Personal Wellness Report and earn 2,500 Blue PointsSM.  

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Join the conversation –

upcoming webinars

Fitness Connect Community – February 13 – Register to learn about fitness that can improve your heart health.

Nutrition Connect Community – February 27 – Register to learn about heart healthy nutrition.

Wellness Webinar – February 22 – Register to learn about Heart Health.