Resources for New Coordinators

If you’re a new Benefits or Wellness Coordinator at a Texas state agency, college or university, welcome aboard!

We want to make it easy for you to talk to your employees about their HealthSelectSM medical plan benefits.

With so many health and wellness benefits available to HealthSelect participants, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The HealthSelect website contains a wealth of information, and you can always reach out to your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) Agency Relations Representative with any questions you have.

As a quick overview, on this page, we’ve pulled together resources you can use to educate yourself and your employees.

Agency Rep Contact Form

For general questions about HealthSelect benefits, resources for coordinators or the HealthSelect website, use the contact form on the website, and your BCBSTX Agency Representative will get in touch.

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BCBSTX Event Attendance Request Form

If you’re planning an event and would like a BCBSTX representative to attend, please use this online form. Whether it’s a presentation, benefits or wellness fair or conference, BCBSTX representatives are available to speak to your employees about the features of their HealthSelect medical plans and provide general health education .

Request a Rep.

Benefits Coordinator Connect Meetings

BCBSTX Agency Relations Representatives lead brief Benefits Coordinator Connect sessions each quarter. These meetings give you a chance to connect with other Benefits Coordinators, learn more about HealthSelect health plan benefits, ask questions and discuss how you can help your employees make full use of their benefits. You should receive your invitation directly from your agency’s dedicated representative.

Benefits/Wellness Coordinator Resources Webpage

The Coordinator Resources page is home to an expanded list of resources for Agency Benefits and Wellness Coordinators, including presentations, emails and articles. You can share these with your employees to educate them on their HealthSelect medical benefits and resources.

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Medical Benefits Guide

The Medical Benefits Guide gives a high-level overview of HealthSelect plan benefits like HealthSelectShoppERSSM, Virtual Visits and preventive care. It also includes information about wellness offerings including Well onTarget, the Fitness Program and weight management programs.

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News and Updates Page 

The News and Updates page features important plan updates and other news about medical benefits to help participants make the most of their HealthSelect plan.

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Publications, Forms and Presentations Webpage

The Publications, Forms and Presentations page contains an extensive list of current materials that give detailed overviews of the resources available to HealthSelect participants, including Virtual Visits, the 24/7 Nurseline and Blue PointsSM. You can also find Master Benefit Plan Documents on this page. These offer a more comprehensive look at the specific benefits of each HealthSelect medical plan. 

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