Weight Management Programs

Managing weight is difficult for many people, but a support system can make it easier. HealthSelect participants can apply to join a weight management program at no additional cost.

Who is eligible

You are eligible if you are:

  • an employee, retiree or dependent enrolled in a HealthSelect plan (excluding Medicare-primary participants),
  • 18 or older, and
  • have a BMI of 23 or higher.

Choose between two programs

Two different online programs are available: WondrTM and Real Appeal®. Key features of each program are listed below. Eligible individuals can participate in one program at any time, but HealthSelect will not cover your participation in both programs at the same time. Your acceptance in either program is not guaranteed.

Which program is right for me?



I prefer to learn by watching short videos each week whenever it’s convenient for me.

I like having the option to connect with my health coaches and other Wondr participants whenever I need to.

I want to learn skills that’ll help me lose weight and improve my health while eating my favorite foods.

I like the idea of becoming more aware of my body so I eat only when I’m hungry.

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“I have tried so many times to lose weight but with no success. [Wondr] has really helped me to reach my goal. I lost 25 pounds in 10 weeks. Awesome.”

– HealthSelect Wondr participant

I prefer to learn with an online community of participants who meet at the same time weekly with a coach.

I like the option to chat as needed with my coach and other participants.

I'm willing to stop eating some of the unhealthy foods I enjoy while I participate in the program.

I like the idea of tracking the food I eat and my exercise.

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"After I lost the first 30 lbs or so, I had so MUCH more energy! Just the ability to go up stairs at church without being winded was a major change."

– HealthSelect Real Appeal participant





Wondr and Real Appeal are independent companies that provide wellness services for HealthSelect of Texas® and Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM. They are solely responsible for the products and services that they provide. Your acceptance is not guaranteed.