New Medical ID Cards
The new Texas Consolidated Appropriations Act requires medical ID cards to include the deductible and out-of-pocket maximums. Beginning in September 2022, if you request a new medical ID card or download a temporary card in Blue Access for MembersSM, the BCBSTX App or by calling a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Personal Health Assistant, you’ll see these changes. All HealthSelectSM participants will get a new medical ID card by the end of the year.

Medical ID Card Basics

How do I use my medical ID card?

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    JOSEPH: Hi, my name is Joseph. And today I'm meeting with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield customer advocate to talk about my health plan ID card. I just signed up for a health plan, and I heard I'll be receiving my card in the mail. What do I need to do with it?

    SPEAKER 1: A good question. Your ID card is very important. Always take it with you when you go to the doctor, the pharmacy, or for other health care services. Your provider will need it to look up your benefits and what you may owe for the visit.

    JOSEPH: Thanks, I'll remember that. So what's on the card exactly?

    SPEAKER 1: It shows your member number you use to access your benefits. It also has the name of the subscriber, the person who signed up for the plan. If you have a PPO, any person on the policy can use the card, even if the subscriber's name is on it.

    JOSEPH: OK. My wife is on my plan. Will she get her own card?

    SPEAKER 1: You'll get two cards in the mail, so you can definitely share one with her.

    JOSEPH: That's great. What if I need to go to the doctor before the card comes in the mail?

    SPEAKER 1: You can print a temporary card any time through your Blue Access for Members account online. You'll just need your member number to log in. You'll receive a new member welcome letter within a few days of enrolling.

    JOSEPH: Perfect. Thank you for walking me through this.

    SPEAKER 1: Any time.

    SPEAKER 2: For more information, call the number on your member ID card, or visit our website site at

You will receive your new medical ID card in the mail 7-10 business days after you enroll in a HealthSelectSM plan. 

New ID cards are not mailed out automatically every year.

You will receive a new ID card if:

  • you are a new participant,
  • you are a currently enrolled participant who has changed plans,
  • you are a currently enrolled participant whose name has changed, and
  • you are a HealthSelect of Texas® participant whose primary care provider on file with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has changed.

You will receive a separate ID card for pharmacy benefits from your prescription drug benefits plan administrator. Use this ID card when you pay for prescriptions at the pharmacy.


Note: If you are enrolled in HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelect (in Texas), your ID card will show the acronym HME (see above). This indicates that you are in the HealthSelect network. It does not mean you are in an HMO. If you are enrolled in HealthSelect Out-of-State or Consumer Directed HealthSelect (Out-of-State), your ID card will show the acronym PPO which refers to the broader PPO network in other states. If you are enrolled in HealthSelect Secondary your ID card will show the acronym TRAD.

Quick Tip: You can register for Blue Access for MembersSM with your medical ID card. Download the app and register today!