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The News and Updates page has a library of articles previously featured in the News About Your Benefits newsletter. Please feel free to share any of the articles with your employees. You can copy and paste the full content for use in your agency newsletters or use snippets of the content in your existing communications.

Benefits Resources Articles
Get the most from your medical plan with Blue Access for MembersSM
If you are enrolled in a HealthSelectSM plan, you can get instant access to your claims and benefits information online through Blue Access for Members. Read more.

COVID-19 Articles
What you should know about the COVID-19 vaccine
A COVID-19 vaccine is now available, and getting one is vital to help fight the spreading pandemic. Read more.

HealthSelectShoppERS Articles
Shopping can be good for your health-and your wallet
You probably look for value when shopping for all kinds of items and services. Why not with your health care? Read more.

HealthSelectShoppERS takes the headache out of choosing a health care provider
Rosaline, a HealthSelectSM participant, had been experiencing terrible headaches for a few weeks. Read more.

Wellness Articles
Small ways to up your physical activity
Small choices you make throughout your day can help you be more active. Read more.

Looking to get healthier this year? Start on the scale
Get and stay healthier by adopting daily habits that will help you reach your wellness goals. Read more.