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Resources for Benefits and Wellness Coordinators

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How Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) will work with you

Your role as a benefits and/or wellness coordinator is important in helping participants understand not only their benefits, but the many programs available to them, often at no additional cost.

When looking for materials to share, this page is a great place to start. The resources here are designed to help you engage employees in their health and wellness. We will be in frequent communication, providing resources to help you communicate benefits to your employees and we’re working to add new resources to this page as they become available. For a more complete listing of all materials available, also visit the Publications and Forms page.

We’d love to know what you would find most helpful. Email BCBSTXSupport_ERSTeam@bcbstx.com with any ideas you’d like to share—we’re always happy to hear from you.

Interested in having BCBSTX representatives join you at an upcoming fair or presentation? Request a benefits or wellness presentation.

Benefits resources

HealthSelect plans include comprehensive medical benefits. Read more under the Medical Benefits tab.

HealthSelect participants have access to mental health care through virtual visits as an alternative to regular office visits. Mental health virtual visits are covered at the same benefit level as a network mental health office visit. Participants can consult a mental health professional through Doctor On Demand® and MDLIVE®. With this option, HealthSelect participants have access to a broader network of mental health professionals online, any day of the week.

To help spread the word about mental health virtual visits benefit, download and share these toolkits from our two vendors with your employees.

Participants also have the option to consult a doctor online through medical virtual visits. Spread the word using the resources below:


Wellness program resources

Supporting a wellness journey for employees requires a variety of resources and tactics. Read more under the Health and Wellness/Incentives tab.

Encourage your employees to select a primary care provider (PCP)

While participants enrolled in HealthSelect of Texas® must select a PCP to receive the highest level of benefits and help keep their health care costs down, all participants can benefit from selecting an in-network PCP to coordinate their care.

We’d love your help encouraging your employees to select a PCP! The following information can be shared:

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